Our History

Located in Northwest Washington, D.C., the historic Shaw community has a rich legacy dating back to the American Civil War. Shaw is home to Howard University, jazz great Duke Ellington, the famous ā€œUā€ Street corridor, the Lincoln Theater and the African American Civil War Museum and Memorial. During the 1968 riots, the Shaw community was greatly damaged. In response to the devastation, two congregations of the United Church of Christ -- Lincoln Congregational Temple and Westmoreland Congregational Church ā€“ collaborated to erect affordable housing for the residents in the area. For more than three decades, the Lincoln Westmoreland Housing Development located at 1730 7th Street, NW, Washington, D.C., has provided housing for low-income families. Today, even more revitalization of the Shaw Community is underway. Since 1991, the Shaw Community Ministry (SCM) of the Potomac Association, United Church of Christ, has operated as a 501(c) (3) organization devoted to further enhancing the lives of children, youth and adults in the Shaw area.
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Our mission is to work together with the children, youth, adults and seniors of the Shaw community to enhance lives and to expand opportunities in the areas of: education, health and wellness, leadership and youth development. The Ministry seeks to increase family stability and encourage residents to become responsible, well-rounded, and productive citizens who are able to sustain and contribute to their community. SCM accomplishes these objectives by providing opportunities that increase knowledge and encourage youth and families to reach their full potential.
Board of Directors

Sudi West

Executive Director

A native Washingtonian and Silicon Valley trained entrepreneur, Sudi West has a youth-development perspective that recognizes both the challenges and opportunities of urban living.

Gwendolyn Howard

Program Coordinator and Office Manager

A native Washingtonian, Gwendolyn started working for Shaw in 2010. "I love the families and people in the Shaw neighborhood. We work together and they know I have their kids best interest at heart."

Melissa Laws

Program Coordinator and Workforce Development Program Manager

A North Carolina native, Melissa has been with Shaw for over 5 years. She works to promote civic engagement and assist Shaw youth by elevating them to new levels in their education and future careers.

Marquetta Washington

Instructional Specialist

A native of Washington, D.C., Marquetta has been with Shaw for over 6 years. When asked what makes Shaw Community Center stand out, "At Shaw, we are Family."

Greg Windley

Program Coordinator and Facilities Manager

A New York native, Greg came to Shaw in 2010. Since then, Greg has been inspiring youth and has witnessed their success throughout the Shaw Program. "I enjoy working with the staff and our youth."

Delonta Howard

Maintenance Technician

A native to the Shaw neighborhood, Delonta has been with Shaw for over 6 years. Inspired by motivation and success, he is drawn to Shaw because everyone is treated like family.

John Jones

Kitchen Technician

John has been with Shaw for over 9 years. He is motivated by seeing the kids of Shaw smile. "What I love about Shaw is that we are one big happy family."

One Community

Providing Unlimited Hope

"Shaw is a place for growth in many areas of life. The doors of opportunity and empowerment is what keeps me loving this organization and the community." - Melissa Laws, SCC Program Coordinator and Workforce Development Program Manager


Mission of SCC is to expand opportunities of youth, and adults of the Shaw community, in Washington, D.C.


1701 11th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001

Email : info@shawcommunity.org