SCC is the sole, remaining community-based Out-of-School-Time program in the Shaw neighborhood. 

The Center remains OPEN during the pandemic with after-school enrichment activities broadcast virtually. 

Free. Monday - Friday, 3:00pm - 6:00pm during the school year. We remain open during spring break to accommodate working parents.     

During the pandemic, the after-school program has been adapted for virtual learning.


Please contact to gain access and invitation to our daily sessions.    

SCC’s arts and humanities education after-school program promotes positive youth development and enhances youth self-confidence, motivating them to succeed in social and academic settings. Over the past 5 years, SCC has evolved from solely a Homework Power Hour platform to its current approach, STEAM.


STEAM is an educational approach that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. Specifically, we offer arts and humanities and cultural identity instruction and train youth of all ages in the media arts and media production.

Addressing Intellectual Ability and Mastery and Future development outcomes, SCC offers daily, targeted homework help, journalism and literacy instruction, science fair project assistance, and digital media literacy classes in two computer labs.


To promote Self WorthCultural Ability and Civic and Social Ability, using the art and humanities as the principal messaging vehicle, SCC empowers our students to explore and begin to understand some of the changes in their community and develop confidence in speaking up and speaking out about what they witness first hand.


Students engage in art-making (e.g. painting, sculpture) led by teaching artist Greg Windley, create their own Go-go beat in jam sessions led by Go-go musician Juju House, video-record and edit The Black Mr. Rogers media production, and learn public speaking so they can speak confidently in panel discussions, TED Talks and poetry sessions.


The lessons in writing, journalism, and investigative reporting techniques help students explore subjects like gentrification and racism affecting them. The public speaking component challenges students to overcome fears of public oratory and help them develop the confidence to express their thoughts and relate their lived experiences to others. 


To promote Belonging and Membership and Safety and Structure, our students welcome the Center’s structured environment: consistent year-round schedule, youth-developed and youth- enforced rules (Youth Code of Conduct), and consistent staff and contractors. Youth elect house captains, create crests to post in their “Home Corners,” and organize competitive chants, Go-go beats, and step routines to display at daily check-ins.


Students gain or lose points from each other and from staff according to their engagement in activities, willingness to explore and extend concepts and follow the youth-mediated rules of conduct. Students preside over Youth Court; an evidence-based practice that gives our students a chance to hear the stories of alleged infractions, be judged by their peers and impose remedies/penalties which befit appropriately the infraction.

This year's camp theme, the Real News. Building a DC We Can Trust.

Home School

Several Shaw College Scholarships Available in 2021.


SCC seasonal festivities and programs.

(MALS) operates 3 days per week and young men receive  small weekly stipends for  their participation. 

During the pandemic, as a way to counter loneliness and depression, young men exercise by running or lifting weights three days per week. Upon proof of exercise, each young man receives a small weekly stipend.


For more information, please contact Melissa Laws at:

SCC distributes daily pre-packaged meals, provided by DC Central Kitchen, to those in need. SCC also partners with Passion City Church to provide clothing and other household essentials. 


For more information, please contact Melissa Laws at: